About Me


In 2013 I was getting ready to have my fourth shoulder surgery when my doctor let me know that I would need to find a new career path. Being an electrician was something that would only be in my past.  I enrolled at Milwaukee Area Technical College  in the Web/ Software Development program and started my new journey to become a developer.

After getting two Associate Degrees, one in Web/ software Development and a second degree in Mobile Application Development, I transferred to Milwaukee School Of Engineering  to get a Bachelors Degree in User Experience and Communication Design with a minor in Psychology.


As a developer, my schooling helped prepare me to creatively solve problems which typically start with analysis and wireframes. My approach to the design process:  help my clients define the problem they need to solve well before I begin exploring solutions.


My process is iterative and builds upon each stage to develop to best solution:

Define  – Through listening, investigation, and research, I work with product stakeholders  and when available end users to establish the project’s vision, goals, needs, and drivers of success.

Refine – By visualizing the needs of people, place, and services, I can support the project development with the right solution, balancing the project scope and resources.

Deliver – I document and oversee project deployment. I understand the importance of delivering the vision.

My goal is to define, refine, and deliver solutions that support and inspire my clients.


I have been fortunate in my life to have been taught that giving back is important, as not everyone is so fortunate.  I am proud to be active Mason and a Shriner, as well as sit on the board of directors of two charities in Milwaukee