MATC- System Analysis
Milwaukee, WI


The Problem:

Our project team was put in contact with a company based in England that was looking for a way for their clients to track the value of their Crypto holdings without the need to call into the office, and send secure messages to their broker within the system.

My Role:

Create a secure, easy to use application for the clients to have with them to get current values in a very volatile industry. At the end be able to turn the entire project over to a coding team ready to go with everything completely documented.

The Goal:

I was in charge of requirement gathering for the team that I was on, along with creating the Use Case Diagram,  Sequence Diagram, and I did the wireframes.  Much of the time that we had we continued to talk through needs and issues that started to arise with Scope Creep

Process to Solve Problem :

I started with a study during the discovery phase to estimate costs, timing needed, all Assumptions, and what would be in scope and out of scope.  Diagrams of the Activity, Use Case, classes for programming, and Sequence where all laid out and adjusted for clarity. Finally wireframes were created and then refined then presented to the stakeholder for approval before codeing.

Solution :

Created an Android Application the runs all processes on the server side for security, packaged within an easy to navigate package. Use API ‘s in the backend to check for updates on current values at a set interval to insure up to date value in almost real time anywhere.


With a six hour time difference most communication was done via email, this was done for two reasons. One to make sure that everything was documented along the way for clarity, and secondly we had one person as the lead, communicating with the client so all members could get to see what going on.

  • Scope creep
  • Gathering all requirements
  • Timing of getting answers from client
  • Time difference cased delays
Lessons learned:

Document, Document, Document,  this project was laid out very carefully from the very beginning and because of that we able to document the scope creep as it arose and refer back to the approved documentation. Working with a team can have its ups and downs along the way, but adding places to collaborate  gives everyone a voice and helps bring everyone back together.

The document