MSOE- Foundation of UX
Milwaukee, WI

Frontier Airlines Website

The Problem:

UX 1400 tasked me with finding a site and do a full analysis of how I felt they did with the my newly made skills. Decided what parts of psychology they were using to get consumers to purchase and then document what I felt could be done differently .

My Role:

To have a better understanding of the psychology used in major websites, and be better enabled to identify and use them in my own tool kit.

The Goal:

View the site as is stands and thin about whatI think should be changed, then document my thoughts.

Process to Solve Problem :

Look at why items are placed where they are within the site, both visually and in the structure.  Try to discern what the designers end goal was and why they made the choice they did.

Solution :

I spent time going over every page and started identifying what method they were trying to use to get the user to do what they wanted, then document the changes that I felt would make more sense.


This was a project for a class to it was just creating a document and submitting it.

  • New to the discipline
Lessons learned:

I learned a lot about how to get consumers to do what you want them to do while making it seem as though it is their own idea.

My Full Analysis