Battle Company
Milwaukee, WI

Laser Tag Pro App

The Problem:

The company was looking for a way to have the laser tag games that they play when customers come to their arena, to be enjoyed when playing at home.

My Role:

Create a fun and easy to use control center for three of the most popular games that are played when coming to the Battle Ground Arena.  This would be interactive with the laser tag guns that they make and sell to consumers.

The Goal:

As the mobile applications developer I was tasked with creating a user friendly, Android based game system.

Process to Solve Problem :

Meeting with the owner of the company, he already had a vision of what he was looking to have created.  We sat and talked before watching a few rounds of play, to see what challenges might arise in a different setting.  After, I was able to chat with the players to get a feel of what they would be interested in having or wanting within an easy to use platform. While doing this the size of the device became an issue as during play small buttons seemed to be hard to select.

Solution :

Create an Android tablet based application for a minimum size of 9″, and allow the users limited input for game customization for their needs.


The company had 6 employees and as the only mobile application programmer I talked with the owner every few days.  The project was broken down into games that I created and then the company tested before any deployment. Any feedback was addressed before moving on to the next game

  • Gathering all requirements
  • Getting company approved images in a timely manner
  • Balancing the company’s vision with the end users wants
Lessons learned:

Owners of startups often dream much bigger than reality can handle, and needing to have tact when trying to balance realistic time frames can often be rough.  This was the first place that I used Gantt charts to break down the timeline and having that to refer back to was a great help, timing is everything.

Capture The Flag

Defuse The Bomb


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